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 Ghost Animals

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PostSubject: Ghost Animals   Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:33 am

I want to start a special section about Ghost Animals, so if you can contribute anything please post here or submit it in the submit page! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Animals   Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:39 pm

I love you About a year ago
my beloved dog Mandy suddenly died. Her death was a shock and I was
traumatized from it as I had a very close bond with her. The night
after her death upon falling asleep I was suddenly awakened and to my
shock realized that I was still asleep but able to move around freely
in this state I was in and unlike regular dreams where things just
happen, I was fully conscious of everything and had full control of my
There was other activity going on around me too but I
couldn't really see what, only what I was allowed to see. The first
thing that happened next I was shown Mandy and got to hold her and felt
complete joy and disbelief and kept saying over and over "I cant believe
this is happening."
There was someone there too communicating to
me like putting thoughts in my mind to my questions, I couldn't see who
it was though except I knew who ever it was knew me, like in charge
over me. I noticed Mandy looked thinner like she did when she was
younger and I asked why she looked like this and I was told that they
(our pets) are given new bodies like we are. I then asked if I could
walk around a bit and explore. I was told yes but to hurry up because I
didn't have much time. Even though I was some place else, my
surroundings were still my own home but like in a different dimension
but the same place. So I walked down the hallway and saw my mom asleep
and I was told to stay away from her because she was a negative force
because she didn't believe in these things and
would knock me out of
where I was but it was OK to be near my sister because she was open to
this kind of experience. I remember holding Mandy and showing my sister
and asking her can you see her and she said yes.
Upon waking the next morning I felt peace and joy like I have never
felt before. To this day I will never forget this experience. I really
feel because of my grief that I was given a chance to see she was OK and waiting for me when it's my time.
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Ghost Animals
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